Energetic healing for the body, mind, and spirit

We energize you to your highest potential

Energetic healing

A hands-on healing modality, it works with your body’s own energy system to create balance and promote healing within the body. 

Heal stress and more

Energetic healing can help with anything from stress relief to breaking old belief systems that keep us from reaching our highest potential.

Heal physical pain

By holding the body in a state of high vibration, the body is allowed to heal more rapidly allowing physical pain to be removed.

Benefits of energetic healing

Stress relief

Deep relaxation

Reduce anxiety

Weight loss


Remove dense and negative energy

Minimize menopausal symptoms

Manage pain

Promote mental clarity

Release emotional trauma

Ease pre/post surgery

Relieve migraine headaches

Reduce depression

Discharge old patterns


Strengthen immune system

Create inner peace

"Since my session with Krista, I have been noticeably calmer. I have a chronic worry problem and the energy work helped to alleviate some of it. I look forward to future sessions."

Chris P.

"After a session with Krista, all my neck and shoulder stress was gone!"

Becky J.

"I have worked with Krista for over a year through an injury and a surgery. Energetic Healing has been a positive experience in my life and I do believe Energetic Healing has helped me heal physically and emotionally. The stress relief is most wonderful and Krista is one of the most positive women I have every met. For a first experience with Energetic Healing, I cannot praise Krista and her energy enough!"

Bernadette S.

"Krista is better than Advil."

Larry S.

"Krista Wallace is a fantastic Reiki Practitioner. She has helped me so much getting rid of emotional blocks. I am so different today than I was a year ago. I feel such release and freedom."

Wendy B.